Lab Members


Prof. Samir Mitragotri

Professor Samir Mitragotri

Principal Investigator
Hiller Professor of Bioengineering and Hansjorg Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering
Core Faculty Member, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Prof. Mitragotri has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of biological barriers and drug delivery. His research has advanced fundamental understanding of biological barriers and has led to the development of new materials as well as technologies for diagnosis and treatment of various ailments including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin conditions and infections, among others. Many of his technologies have advanced to human clinical studies and products. At the same time, fundamental understanding developed through his research has advanced the understanding of the biology of barriers in the human body.
211 Pierce Hall

Post Docs

Christian Agatemor

Christian Agatemor

Post Doc
I seek to understand how ionic liquids function in oral drug delivery and engineer them to effectively deliver anti-diabetic and anti-cancer drugs across the complex barriers in the gastrointestinal tract. I am also exploring ionic liquids as platforms for oral vaccination.
Northwest Building B160
Eden Tanner

Eden Tanner

Post Doc
Ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents could be the key to unlocking selective, effective biomedicine - but understanding the fundamental microscopic interactions within the ionic solvents is essential. My research focuses on elucidating what is happening at a molecular level, working towards the development of smart solvents that are tailored for purpose.
Northwest Building B160
Doug Vogus

Doug Vogus

Post Doc
My research focuses on reducing toxicity associated with chemotherapy by using dual drug-loaded polymeric delivery systems, capable of achieving tumor reduction at lower drug doses. I have previously focused on optimizing the release rate of multiple chemotherapeutics from hyaluronic acid, and I am currently pursuing the clinical translation of hyaluronic acid based conjugates for various cancers.
Northwest Building B158
Zongmin Zhao

Zongmin Zhao

Post Doc
Immunomodulation represents a promising approach for treating many diseases and disorders prophylactically or therapeutically. My research focuses on using red blood cell hitchhiking, transdermal vaccination, and oral vaccination to modulate the immune responses. I am also interested in using synthetic platelet and platelet hitchhiking for metastatic cancer treatment.
Northwest Building B164

Fellows and Associates

Anshuman Dasgupta

Anshuman Dasgupta

I am a master's student from Prof. Twan Lammers lab and have come here as an exchange student to pursue my master thesis. I will be working on nanocarrier based systems and RBC hitchhiking for gene delivery to and into lung and desmoplastic tumors. As a side project, I will also be synthesizing microbubbles of different shapes for ultrasound imaging and drug delivery applications.
Northwest Building B164
Kelly Ibsen

Kelly Ibsen

My research is focused on the use of ionic liquids in medical applications. For transdermal drug delivery, ILs can enhance penetration of macromolecules like insulin through the skin, alleviating the need for painful injections. ILs also exhibit antimicrobial activity, and are particularly good at disrupting biofilms created by some bacterial species.
Wyss Institute
3 Blackfan Circle, 2nd Floor
206-8B, Center for Life Science
Boston, MA
Vinu Krishnan

Vinu Krishnan

My research focuses on the clinical translation of polymeric nanodrugs for various types of cancers. I am particularly interested in developing treatments that eliminate multi-drug resistant cancers and prevent recurrence in patients subjected to highly intensive chemotherapy. One area of focus is to treat blood cancers such as (i) Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), which is highly lethal in children and adults & (ii) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (NHL). The aim here is to co-administer multiple drugs via a single system and improve survival rates of cancer therapy with reduced toxicity. I am also interested in developing topical formulations for treating lesions that occur in the skin when exposed to excessive sunlight. If left untreated, such lesions can progress to metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (SCC - the second most common form of skin cancer). 
Wyss Institute
3 Blackfan Circle, 2nd Floor
Center for Life Science
Boston, MA
Anusha Pusuluri

Anusha Pusuluri

My graduate work focuses on engineering clever cancer-selective drug delivery platforms by combining our lab's unique understanding of drug combination fundamentals together with cutting edge bio-recognition agents. Our innovative strategy employs a carefully controlled drug combination, that is inherently cancer specific, for superior dose reduction and enhanced tumor recognition thereby enabling exceptional therapeutic effects.
Northwest Building B158

Graduate Students

Tyler Brown

Tyler Brown

Graduate Student
Delivering chemotherapeutics, neuroprotective agents, and other drugs to the brain has proven to be a challenging feat, primarily due to the physical yet dynamic blood brain barrier (BBB). My work focuses on developing a human brain-on-a-chip to better assess and help improve upon promising drug delivery technologies for the treatment of neurodegenerative and other brain-related diseases.
Wyss Institute
3 Blackfan Circle, 2nd Floor
Room 206-7A, Center for Life Science
Boston, MA
Maria I. Jarvis

Maria I. Jarvis

Graduate Student (UCSB)
My research involves the synthesis and chemical characterization of small-molecule based nanocrystals and using them as a model drug delivery carrier within a variety of microfluidic devices (Idealized co-culture, triple culture, microvasculature, and straight channel's). The microfluidic devices help model drug carrier transport, properties, and behavior towards tumor or other diseases sites under flow and physiological shear stresses.
Kevin Peng

Kevin Peng

Graduate Student
Oral delivery of insulin for the treatment of diabetes has remained a highly desirable yet challenging goal for several decades due to poor absorption of proteins through the intestine. My research focuses on developing novel multifunctional nanoparticles encased in mucoadhesive patches for enhanced mucus penetration and intestinal absorption of biopharmaceuticals.
Northwest Building B153
Apoorva Sarode

Apoorva Sarode

Graduate Student
Cardiovascular diseases and trauma are the leading causes of death in the world. My research work is focused on developing bioinspired polymeric platforms which can integrate the physical and biological parameters of natural platelets for targeted action. These platforms can be used to halt internal bleeding as well as for the detection and treatment of various cardiovascular diseases.
Northwest Building B153
David Smith

David Smith

Graduate Student (UCSB)
I work on fundamental theoretical and simulation-based platform for understanding the impact of nanoparticle design (size, surface chemistry, shape, softness, surface roughness and topology) on its interactions and transport processes with model cellular membranes for therapeutic and consumer product applications.
Anvay Ukidve

Anvay Ukidve

Allergies are leading cause of discomfort throughout the world. Small otherwise harmless molecules like pollen enter the body and induce our immune system to react in a deleterious manner. My project employs red blood cell (RBC) hitchhiking to engineer the responses of our immune system to allergens and develop tolerance against them.
Wyss Institute
3 Blackfan Circle, 2nd Floor
Room 206-7B, Center for Life Science
Boston, MA
Mengwen Zhang

Mengwen Zhang

Graduate Student (UCSB)
I work with the design of multi-component nanoemulsions and ultimately using them as templates for the production of multi-functional nanoparticles with complex morphologies for drug delivery purposes.

Lab Alumni

Former Grad Students Tenure Current Employment
Jagannathan Sundaram 1999-2002 Genentech
Joy Baxter  1999-2004 Consultant 
Ahmet Tezel 1999-2004 Novartis
Pankaj Karande 2000-2005 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Elizabeth Chambers 2000-2006 Clorox
Tuan Dinh 2001-2006 Archimedes Inc.
Chinmay Pangarkar 2001-2006 Private Biotech Company
Julie Champion 2001-2007 Georgia Tech
Sumit Paliwal  2002-2007 Novartis 
Kathryn Whitehead 2002-2007 Carnegie Mellon University
Angela Zivkovich 2003-2005 US Peace Corps.
Sejal Hall 2003-2008 Novartis
Anubhav Arora 2004-2009 Noven
Tracy Hsu 2005-2011 Amgen
Nishit Doshi 2006-2010 Private Biotech Company
Poornima Kolhar 2006-2012 Private Biotech Company
Chris Brunquell 2007-2012  University of Conneticut
Aaron C. Anselmo 2010-2015 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kathryn Camacho 2010-2015 Bristol-Myers Squibb
Michael Zakrewsky 2010-2015  Gilead Sciences
Marta Broto (Visiting grad) 2015  Nanobiotechnology and Biomolecular for Diagnostics
Andres Da Silva (Visiting grad) 2015  University of Santiago de Compostela


Former Post Docs Tenure Current Employment
Zancong Shen 2000-2003 Ardea Biosciences
Elisabeth Kaltenbock 2001-2002 Ventura College
Amit Kumar Jain 2002-2005 Corium
Yogesh Katare 2005-2006 VNS Institute of Pharmacy, Bhopal, India
Eiichi Torisaka 2007-2008 Oita University
Alisar Zahr 2007-2008 Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard
Makoto Ogura  2007-2010 Hisamitsu 
Sumit Paliwal 2007-2010 Novartis
Monica James-Smith 2008-2010 The Lubrizol Corporation
Jin-Wook Yoo 2008-2011 Chosun University: College of Pharmacy
Linden Bolisay 2009-2010 L'Garde, Inc.
Yasunari Michinaka 2009-2010 Hisamitsu
Rikke Vicki Benjaminsen (Visiting Researcher) 2010 Technical University of Denmark
Nishit Doshi 2010-2011 Private Biotech Company
Zhimin Zhou (Visiting Scholar) 2010-2011 Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
Paul Tumeh (NIH K08 trainee) 2012 UCLA Medical School
 Maarten Bakker  2013 Eindhoven University of Technology 
Sunali Bhatnagar 2013 Oxford University
Vivek Gupta  2013 Keck Graduate Institute 
Byeong Hee Hwang 2013 Incheon National University
Francesca Cavalieri  2013-2014  University of Rome
Tomoyuki Mitoma 2013-2014  Higuchi Inc.
Ming Chen 2011-2014  Xiamen University
Sutapa Barua 2011-2014  Missouri Univeristy of Science of Science and Technology
Sunny Kumar 2013-2014 Nitto Denko Corporation
Stefano Menegatti 2013-2015 North Carolina State University
Jianping Qi (Visiting Scholar) 2015-2016 Fudon University 
Yasunori Iwao (Visiting Scholar) 2015-2016 University of Shizuoka
Yen Wah Tong (Visiting Scholar) 2015-2016 National University of Singapore


Former Undergraduates Graduation
Nicarter Gordon  2000
Philip Le 2000
Elizabeth Mallon 2000
Marc Soares 2000
Ruben Ayala  2001
Kathy Bange  2001
May Brickey 2001
Justin Cisar 2001
Ocean Feniger 2001
Adam Hartwick 2001
Armondo Jimenez 2001
Richard Keeler  2001
Brian Kluck  2001
Eve Lee  2001
Penny Letts 2001
Veronica Mora 2001
 Tamara Murray 2001
Emile Plise 2001
Beison Ramirez  2001
Haydee Rodriguez  2001
Seth Sanford  2001
Vivian Shen 2001
Joe Tucherer 2001
Paul Andersen  2002
Nitasha Bakhru  2002
Nocol Balquidra  2002
Steve Bush    2002
Maria Casanon  2002
Maricela Casteneda 2002
Celia Chen 2002
Luis Diaz   2002
Lauren Fix  2002
 Michael Hedvat    2002
Jefferey Katrencik  2002
Drew Lassen  2002
Berlyn Mellein    2002
Ana Misic 2002
Cecelio Morello 2002
Jeff Oneil 2002
Brian Piorek  2002
Araceli Rojo 2002
Ashley Sanders  2002
Kelly Smith  2002
Courtney Still  2002
Ashwinin Ashokkumar 2003
Tiffany Coleman 2003
Kaitleen Ergun 2003
Tawni Koutchesfahani 2003
Thien Khahn Pham 2003
Amanda Walker 2003
Nicholas Williams 2003
Arthur Wojcicki 2003
Varun Bharadwaj  2004
Moon Jean Ho 2004
Vincent Kispersky 2004
Thomas Minner 2004
Heather Becker-Brungard 2005
Natalie Karr 2005
Santosh Gupta 2006
Gabriel Martinez 2006
Alejandro Sanchez 2006
Casey Schmidt  2006
Zareen Zapadia 2006
Holly Bovey  2008
Shayla Brooks  2008
Marjorie Fernandez  2008
David Gebauer   2008
Jordanne Gregorio 2008
Brittney Hellner  2008
Natalie Karr 2008
Alex Morales 2008
Lindsay Palmer 2008
Steven Pease 2008
David Wilson 2008
Ricardo Alamillo  2009
Nancy Annunziato 2009
Ari Pritchard-Bell 2009
Brian Ilker 2009
Rahul Lele 2010
Martin Bryant 2011
Michele Corrigan  2011
Michael Grambow 2011
Jessica Hoy  2011
Martin Manley 2011
Yuan Pan 2011
Daniel Schiffels 2011
Jordanne Wang 2011
Nathan Dias 2013
Vivian Le   2013
Shane Nourizadeh 2013
Austin Pearce 2013
Mayra Perez 2013
Annie Ragusa  2013
Ambarneil Roy 2013
Dana Rutherford 2013
Ami Thakar 2014
Vanessa Wagner 2014
Sanjana Apte  2015
Zoe Fuchs 2015
Jenny Lee 2015
Sateja Paradkar 2015
Ileana Garcia 2016
Juan Diego Carval   2016
Francis Cunningham 2016
Rohan Gogoi 2016
Joshua Sanchez De Oliveira 2016
Omar Lujano 2016
Mayuri Kasaraneni 2017